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 Love Beyond Measure   

Memoirs of a Korean War Bride

Katie is the first born daughter of Frank Crimbchin and Ock Soon Lee.

Katie is married to Bill Schell and resides in Harrison City, PA.  She has two children Bethany Joy Friel and Thomas Jay Dunn.

Both Katie and her Umma (Mother), have been traveling the local area sharing her mother's powerful testimony of courage, hope and love. 

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"Wonderful book!  This is one of the few books I could not put down until I had finished reading it!"  Sue Woods, Cranberry Twp, PA  11/30/2013  Amazon

"What an astounding story!  And so beautifully and movingly crafted.....I hope that many, many people read this book because it well merits the read; and anyone with a loving heart will not be disappointed."    William Rennekamp 09/08/13 Amazon

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Imagine being a beautiful seven year old orphaned girl given over to another family to be their servant. Imagine being completely alone in the world, unwanted and unloved.   Imagine being a young woman in the summer of 1950 when war breaks out in your city.  You are illiterate and become homeless, but you must survive. Follow this amazing woman's journey from a life of utter poverty and starvation to a life of remarkable survival, service and joy.

This is the incredible true story of one woman's courage, strength and love that would carry her from life as a Korean peasant to that of a proud American citizen.  It is a life story you will never forget.

Ten Percent of all proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit drilling wells for fresh water in under developed countries.  This donation is at the request of Ock Soon Lee, who as a young child carried jugs of water on her head every day for many years.