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             KATIE 'S NOOK 


Pega Crimbchin and Katie Schell are available for presentations and book signings. Consider inviting them to your next church event, historical society or Veterans' club.   See the Korean War through the eyes of one peasant who survived.  

Pega and Katie are also available to BRING HISTORY ALIVE to local high school students. If your class is studying the Korean War, you can bring history alive by hearing the story of how one peasant escaped Communism.  Pega survived the First Battle of Seoul but was taken captive by the North Koreans.  Released she then survived the Second Battle of Seoul when US Gen. Douglas MacArthur sent the Marines into the city to recapture it. Eventually she would walk 100 miles through snow and ice from Seoul to Taejon to escape the onslaught of Chinese and North Koreans.  It is an amazing journey of survival.  One rarely told.  Don't miss it!